Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Something made me think about getting a CSA box a couple of weeks ago, and since I happened to be in a Getting-Things-Done mood, I sat down, did a little Google searching, and signed up for a weekly box of fresh local organic produce from Full Belly Farm. I chose them, among other things, because they deliver to my office. Nothing wrong with a little convenience when you're doing a generally good thing, if you ask me.

I got my second box yesterday, and I am absolutely in love with it. We used to get CSA-style produce a while back when we lived in SF, and I had forgotten how happy it makes me. I love having to improvise meals around whatever happens to be in the box, and have discovered many new favorite veggies that I would have never picked up at a market otherwise. Escarole? Fava beans? Even kale.

I love having to wash my lettuce three times because there is actual DIRT on there. Real dirt, and a lot of it. Reminds me of the veggies out of my grandparents' garden growing up. I found a ladybug in my first box, and two caterpillars in this week's.

Talking of lovely unexpected finds: When I came home yesterday, I found a paper bag hanging on my door, filled with four wonderful loaves of fresh bread. Our neighbor Amy is attending baking school, and whenever she has a lot of extra bread, she shares it with her friends and neighbors. She is officially the greatest neighbor ever. I ate about half of one of the loaves before I had even put away all the veggies.

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