Friday, February 18, 2011

Made with love (and assorted findings)

These are the Valentines I made for the Valentines swap that fabulous Aunt Peaches threw earlier this month. Have you seen her stuff? This lady is the bomb, seriously. There is not one post of hers that doesn't make me laugh, feel inspired, or want to go out and have cocktails with her. Wearing these, of course.

I made these cards using vintage keyhole fittings I found at the flea market the other week. They're made from bone, and I knew I wanted them the second I saw them. I figured I'd find some creative use for them somehow, and so I ended up designing my Valentines around them. I added some of the mini heart garlands I made and used cardstock from my stash of Craft Supplies That Will Eventually Come in Handy.

1 comment:

  1. Your valentines are great.I love the keyhole.


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