Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday night potlucks

We started having Sunday night potlucks in our circle of friends a little while ago. With most everybody on a budget, potluck dinners are a great way to get together, enjoy a variety of food, and hang out without running up a large restaurant tab. We intentionally bring more food than we can eat that night, and at the end of the night we divvy up the leftovers so that everybody takes home a bit of everything. Which might be my favorite part, because nothing beats having homemade meals for lunch at the office the next three days without having to lift a finger.

Retro Lunchdosen-Set von uglysanta via Etsy


  1. What a great idea. I'm jealous. I may need to copy y'all. In fact, I think I'll just be bold and tell you I plan on it!

    Years ago I worked in a store and on the one night we had to stay *late* to do inventory/etc...we would all bring dessert and booze and crack it out potluck style at the stroke of midnight. It was a lovely tradition and made staying til 3am+ much easier. I think they canceled it after someone started hiding gin bottles in the rafters...but I digress...*sigh* I love a potluck :)

  2. You should, it's so fun! And if your friends are anything like mine, this will be the kind of potluck where people applaud you for hiding gin in the rafters. :)


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