Friday, July 22, 2011

Lunchtime sketch: a Russian cardboard romance

I was inspired by a Google Doodle the other week — it was a really pretty illustration of St. Basil's Cathedral for its 450th anniversary. So, I spent my lunchtime sketching that wondrous building on a cardboard mailer that I fished out of the recycling bin, using a marker I retrieved from a box of free office supplies in the hallway a while back. Yes, I felt real thrifty that day (also, I just didn't have any proper supplies on hand).

Sketching and I have a teenage crush on each other. We're really awkward hanging out together, and wouldn't ever admit being fond of one another. But if you walked in on us, you knew there was chemistry. Maybe we'll grow up one day and come to terms with our affections, who knows.

Later at home I ended up playing with watercolors to add some of the building's amazing colors to my little sketch. Worse things have been had for lunch.

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