Friday, September 7, 2012

Aneboda makeover: paper and glue to the rescue!

Cleaning the kitchen isn't a fun thing to begin with, but when I embarked on that tiresome chore this week, I felt a real sense of procrastination-induced guilt. For one, I found a sizable amount of counter space under the growing pile of magazines and junk mail that I have been neglecting for weeks. And in my smallish kitchen, every square inch really counts. I also realized that I never did a post on a super easy, super quick furniture makeover project that has graced my kitchen for quite some time now. Apparently it's been so long that Ikea since discontinued the piece of furniture in question. Where "furniture" really is a bit of an overstatement, since the Aneboda dresser gives the term lightweight construction a whole new meaning — which I find okay, as long as the price and your expectations are in line with it. Not okay were the ugly plastic panels in the drawer fronts, I felt. But with a few sheets of scrapbook paper, some regular white glue and 20 minutes of work, the humble dresser suddenly looks all kinds of sassy.

A big plus: the decoupaged fronts perfectly hide the chronic mess that reigns inside these drawers, and which you could always somewhat make out through the semi-opaque plastic panels. In my defense, this dresser is the equivalent of what most people call their hallway, since our apartment opens directly into our kitchen. Hence, the three drawers contain a crazy collection of shoes, bags, scarves, plant pots, keys and screwdrivers. And really, nobody wants to see that, not even a little bit — and especially not in your kitchen.

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