Sunday, March 17, 2013

Coming up: Bouquets to Art 2013

How I have lived in the Bay Area for almost nine years and hadn't heard about Bouquets to Art until last year, when the instructor of my floral design class encouraged us to visit this fantastic annual exhibition, I will never know. You'd think that an event combining art and flowers would have been on my radar all along, but it wasn't so. If you have never heard of it either, here's the long and short: Over 100 Bay Area floral designers choose a piece of artwork from the collections of San Francisco's esteemed de Young museum and create an arrangement, drawing inspiration from that particular piece. The arrangements are then put on display alongside the art that inspired them, for a special five-day exhibition.

Bouquets to Art 2013 is coming up next week, and I am extremely excited to be able to say that I helped to work on one very special piece for the exhibit this year. Here are a few impressions from last year's exhibition, and I can't wait for this year's show to open to the public on Tuesday!

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