Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 in review — March:
Flowers for a big fat (fake) Indian wedding

2013 was such an amazing year for me — crazy, busy, wonderful, but I didn't really have enough time make it a priority to keep up with my little record-keeping here. So I've decided to sit myself down and write a few posts about what happened last year.

March was exciting with Bouquets to Art happening and me having the opportunity to help the awesome team of Chestnut & Vine with the big exhibition centerpiece. I've posted plenty about that when it happened, so I won't recycle it here.

Classes were well underway at that point; in fact, by mid March it was already time for Midterms. I had signed up for Intermediate Floral Design, Advanced Floral Design, Flower & Foliage ID and Care, and Ikebana, although I ended up dropping Ikebana half way into the semester because my class load was just a little more than I could handle.

The Advanced Floral Design class is also called "The Wedding Class", because it primarily covers bridal bouquets and designs for ceremony and reception decor. The midterm project was a group design, for which each team got to choose a wedding theme and then had to design all of the pieces to go with that theme. Our group chose a big, colorful Indian Wedding as our inspiration, and we had so much fun designing ceremony garlands, centerpieces, and all sorts of floral decorations for our imaginary Hindu wedding couple.

Our lovely team in front of our display right before the class critique. Every group got to set up their designs in the classroom, along with an inspiration board that described other elements of the wedding theme. 

We went with a bold, vibrant color scheme of orange and fuchsia, accented with lime green. Certainly nothing for the faint of heart, but so perfect for a festive Hindu wedding!

Barbara designed this beautiful chair or pew decoration with orange tulips and ranunculus and fuchsia anemones and nerines. I just love the bold, asymmetric design.

Not only did Julia create a gorgeously patterned pedestal for the wedding cake out of button mums and spray roses, she also baked and brought in a delicious chocolate cake for us to share!

Chelsea took on the centerpiece. The gold-painted Fiddleheads are such perfect accents to the overall theme. And wouldn't you just love to sit down and find this stunning napkin decor in front of you? Those speckled Vanda orchids are amazing.

I created this decorative floral panel to adorn the Welcome Table of our imaginary Indian wedding. The carving of Lord Ganesha rests on a low, Pavé-style design made out of carnations, ranunculus and hypericum berries.

Julia was in charge of crafting the traditional ceremony garlands worn by bride and groom. So beautiful!

We worked really well together as a team and just loved our bold, colorful designs. It's one of the great things about class that you can experiment sometimes with styles and designs that may not necessarily be in high demand or easy for you to sell to clients. This way, you can stretch a bit creatively and try something outside of your comfort zone.

So much for March, stay tuned for April!

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