Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cermamic jars revived

For a recent garden party at my parents’ house, I was looking for some decoration from the “convenient, because on hand” category. Among other things, I found these lovely ceramic jars in a shady corner in the garden, waiting for their big break.

A trip to the farmers’ market at the height of summer in Northern Germany isn’t only a lot of fun, but also pays off when you’re in need of a lot of flowers. I got bunches and bunches of flowers for little money, and arranged them to happy, colorful bouquets.

Sunflowers, asters and snapdragons looked great in the terracotta-colored jars, and were a fantastic fit for the rustic ambience of the outdoor party. Which proves once again that the unorthodox use of everday items is a true virtue. It would have been a shame if these former pickle jars had missed their revival as summery vases, don’t you think?

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