Thursday, August 19, 2010

Custom closet on a budget

After we worked away all of last weekend, I know two things for sure: the remodeling of our bedroom will take slightly longer than anticipated, but it honestly couldn't have started off any better. May I introduce to you my brand-new, custom-built closet?

We replaced our previous "solution" to store clothes — which consisted, among other things, of a broomstick clamped to a small bookshelf, sigh... — with this custom closet we built from Ikea's Ivar shelving units and some wood we got cut to size (= the wide shelf at the top that's connecting the three individual shelves).

The latter part wasn't in the original plan and cost us some extra time, but what do you do when Ikea is oversold on some of the parts you desperately need? Right, you curse, you cry, then you improvise. And in this case, it worked out for the better: getting wood cut for the connecting shelf allowed us to use every inch of space we had available, and made the closet much more stable.

We mounted some Vågen curtain rods to hang clothes from, and added organizers, shoe racks, and a couple of ingenious folding hooks. We fit two hampers in there (on casters!), and can easily add additional shelves if we need to.

Eventually, we'll probably hang a curtain in front of it, but for now we like walking into the room and seeing the result of our work. The whole thing cost us around $350 and was done in a day. Which isn't nearly as exciting as the fact that I have my broomstick back, and can fit an ironing board into my new closet!

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