Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'll have a slice and a puppy, please.

We walked into our favorite pizza spot yesterday to discover that it had been taken over by the longest and most amazing parade of stuffed animals. Cats, squirrels, pigs, and mostly dogs (dozens and dozens of them!) were lining the walls. All of them were handmade by a couple of local gals, and are made almost entirely of recycled and found fabric: "Old shirts, brocade from the couch, clothes too nice to toss, the bits left after cutting out a dress pattern."

Now, I was already going cuckoo over so much crafty cuteness (do you see the red one with the polka dots??), but imagine my excitement when I found out that they were up for adoption! For a mere $30, 100% of which will proceed Greyhound Friends for Life, one of these babies could be yours. Clearly a fantastic deal, and consequently only two doggies were left: Stilton and Feta.

Oh wait, did I mention that the dogs were named after cheeses? Yes. You see Brie and Raclette engaged in some canine PDA below.

Anyway: we get to pick up Feta next week when all the puppies (and cats, squirrels, and pigs) are going home with their new owners. And: I had a slice of leftover pizza for lunch today. Oh, the joy!

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