Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday party in the park

This weekend we're having our annual Second Thanksgiving/First Christmas celebration. It's how we celebrate the holiday season in my circle of friends—right in between the two big holidays, since it's the best chance to get everyone together one last time before the year is over, and after/before folks leave town and travel to see their families. We usually share a festive meal at someone's house, potluck-style, so it doesn't get too overwhelming for anybody, and keep things pretty low-key.

Last year, we mixed things up and celebrated outdoors at a nearby park. We grabbed one of the picnic spots with a large table and a barbecue, grilled up some sausages and brought hot soup and mulled wine in thermoses. After it got dark, we headed over to the old Merry-Go-Round that's housed in the park, because nothing says "Festive" like a ride on a shellacked pony.

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