Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sure, or you could put a candle in there.

We finally made that pumpkin. You know, the One Stuffed With Everything Good? Yes, exactly, that one. One year later, and we finally tried it. And boy-oh-boy was it good.

The hardest part about this recipe was to find the right pumpkin. Not so much the right kind: apparently you can eat any ol' pumpkin, although not all of them may taste very good or have a nice texture. No, size was the real issue here. See, while you may be inclined to eat yourself silly on this delicious stuffed gourd, it will still need to fit in your oven (important!), and you really want it chock-full with stuffing. So, you will need to find a pumpkin with a cavity in line with the amount of goodness you want to stuff in there.

We found a couple of darling pumpkins at the produce store, 8 inches or so in diameter. Aren't they cute? All innocent, thinking they're going to be Jack O' Lanterns when they grow up? Nope, not them. These were stuffed with cheese, bacon, bread cubes, fresh thyme and cream, and baked into the most delicious stuffed vegetable that has ever hit our table. Cut in wedges, and you are being served with a tender, moist, aromatic piece of pumpkin alongside a savory, fluffy, cheesy dream of a filling.

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  1. What I coincidence- I made this a few days ago too! it was soooooo good.


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