Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is nuts! (the most amazing nuts)

You may have guessed it, but I love me a good dot. Dots are happy, and the more, the merrier. Which must have been exactly what Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama thought when she dreamed up The Obliteration Room. Take a few rooms completely painted in white; two weeks; a few dozen children; and thousands of color dot stickers. The picture below is what I'd call "early on in the process." Check out the full spread, it will blow your mind.

On a personal note, I always said that if I ever had kids, I would turn one wall in the house into a really large canvas for them to doodle on. My mother and my husband called me nuts for that, insisting that kids wouldn't know the boundaries and end up drawing all over the house. I wonder if Yayoi Kusama had similar conversations with her loved ones and then JUST WENT FOR IT. I clearly need to work on seeing inspiration for much bigger things in every shot-down idea.

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