Monday, May 7, 2012

Floral arrangements with fruits and vegetables

The assignment in my floral class this past Saturday was to create an arrangement using hollowed-out fruits or vegetables as containers. My instructor used citrus fruits in her demo; pumpkins are another straightforward choice. Here are a few other produce aisle-inspired ideas that I collected as inspiration for my arrangement.

1. Wedding centerpieces with asparagus, green cauliflower and artichoke
2. Round arrangement with grapes, cabbage, and hydrangea
3. Hollowed out savoy cabbage (this one was prepared to hold a crudité dip, but it would work equally well for floral arrangements, like these)

4. Small arrangement in a pomegranate shell
5. Fall centerpiece in a white pumpkin
6. Lovely color palette in a pumpkin vase

I'll show you what I came up with tomorrow!

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